Dakota County Commissioner

Kathleen Gaylord

Commissioner Kathleen Gaylord is the former Mayor of South St. Paul and an attorney/partner with the Weinblatt & Gaylord law firm, now in Inver Grove Heights. As our current county commissioner, Kathleen has been a strong advocate for seniors, families and local taxpayers. She chairs the Administration, Finance and Policy Committee of the county board and has found millions of dollars to help cut county property taxes. In 2014, her efforts to help taxpayers resulted in the largest county tax decrease in Minnesota.

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Kathleen Re-elected!!

Thank you for your support. It is an honor and a privilege to serve as your County Commissioner and to continue working to make good things happen in Dakota County.

Whitetail Woods

Whitetail Woods Regional Park Grand Opening

Dakota County’s newest park, 456-acre Whitetail Woods Regional Park, is located in Empire Township in the center of Dakota County, one mile north of the Vermillion River. A grand opening was held on Saturday, September 27. Commissioner Kathleen Gaylord joined the entire County Board, State Representative Rick Hansen, West St. Paul Mayor John Zanmiller and…


Suburban counties say Met Council plan ignores transportation needs.

Commissioner Kathleen Gaylord participated in a historic meeting on transportation policy for the Twin Cities Region in September. Commissioners from five suburban counties presented 17 concerns with the Met Council’s 2040 Transportation Policy Plan and asked the Met Council to allow more time to discuss those concerns before final approval of the plan. The forum…

Hammer 2014

Leading the Way…On Property Tax Relief

Dakota County has the lowest county tax rate in the Metro. Commissioner Kathleen Gaylord reduced Dakota County property taxes for 2014 with the largest county tax cut in Minnesota. The Minnesota Department of Revenue recognized Dakota County as one of only a hand full of counties in Minnesota to CUT taxes for 2014 and presented…


Gaylord elected MICA President

Commissioner Kathleen Gaylord was elected President of the Minnesota Inter-County Association earlier this year. Her leadership at the regional, state, and national levels of government, business and non-profit organizations benefits all of us and all of Dakota County. As reported by Nick Ferraro of the Pioneer Press, January 17, 2014 Dakota County Commissioner Kathleen Gaylord…

Senior Housing

Leading the Way…For Our Seniors

The Dakota County Aging Initiative and the Living Longer and Stronger Project lead by Commissioner Gaylord helped our county start planning for the aging wave.  Commissioner Kathleen Gaylord cares about our seniors and has worked to provide housing and senior services to allow our seniors to age with dignity. Dakota County through the Community Development…