Leading the Way…On Property Tax Relief

Dakota County has the lowest county tax rate in the Metro.

Commissioner Kathleen Gaylord reduced Dakota County property taxes for 2014 with the largest county tax cut in Minnesota.
The Minnesota Department of Revenue recognized Dakota County as one of only a hand full of counties in Minnesota to CUT taxes for 2014 and presented Commissioner Kathleen Gaylord with a hammer labeled “Hammer Down Property Taxes 2014!”.

Property tax relief takes more than promises. It takes knowledge, commitment and leadership.

Kathleen is a fiscal conservative, the County Tax Watchdog. She has worked cap increases year after year and found millions of dollars to slow, stop, and even cut annual tax increases in Dakota County. Her tax policy expertise extends back to the Minnesota Tax Study Commission where her work resulted in enactment of the state Property Tax Refund, the “Circuit Breaker”. This tax refund, now called the Homestead Credit Property Tax Refund, continues to provide targeted tax relief to thousands of Dakota County residents. Commissioner Gaylord continued her leadership on property taxes by recently chairing the state Property Tax Working Group to develop principles and recommendations to simplify the Minnesota Property Tax.

Dakota County continues to grow in population and many families need county assistance. That translates into more demand for county services. That demand could certainly justify increasing taxes to pay for more services, but that would add also to the burden that families face. Simple slogans like “cut spending” or “cut taxes” do not provide real solutions.

Our response to current growth and economic challenges will shape the Dakota County of tomorrow and determine the tax investment we will share. Our future lies in our ability to

  • REDESIGN how the county delivers services,
  • RETHINK what services are needed,
  • RE-EVALUATE internal county systems to improve administration, and
  • REFORM the state and local tax system.

We all need to work together to provide essential services in a way that is efficient, effective and responsive, but also fair to taxpayers, employees, and all Dakota County residents who need and use county services.

Commissioner Gaylord is working to make this happen with state, federal, and regional organizations, as well as counties, cities, vendors, employees, and other partners. She has the background and experience to champion these efforts. There are no easy paths to achieving high-quality, cost-effective government that can keep taxes under control. But Dakota County is achieving it through our Commissioner’s leadership, the hard work of many dedicated people, and the support of county residents-like you.

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